Image DescriptionIt’s 3:00am and your home smoke/heat detector starts blaring. Maybe you hear it, maybe you don’t. Rest assured, as soon as we receive your fire alarm signal at Crime Alert/Your Monitoring Center’s U.L. listed central station, we are calling your home and if we are unable to determine if there is an actual fire, we are dispatching emergency fire personnel to your home immediately.

A monitored smoke or heat detector, or both, is an indispensable part of any newly or previously installed home security system. While such devices provide additional discounts on your insurance premiums, the peace of mind derived from the 24-hour protection of your loved ones, your home and your family heirlooms against fire is priceless.

If you own and operate your own business, you’ve invested many years of time, hard work and financial resources toward its success. Not only are there local fire alarm codes with which you must comply, but the 24/hour protection of your assets and life’s work are of paramount importance. Your business insurance only covers so much as a result of fire loss. We are experts in the field of commercial C.F.M. approved fire alarm system installation & monitoring.