Image DescriptionWhen you join the Crime Alert/Your Monitoring Center family, it’s our mission to ensure that you receive the highest quality customer service experience possible. You place in us a level of trust far beyond that of most every other service provider in your life.

The three main dimensions of trustworthiness are ability, integrity and benevolence, and we strive 24/7/365 to attain the highest possible customer satisfaction in all three:

Ability: Crime Alert/Your Monitoring Center opened our central station in 1986, so we are backed by a quarter century of alarm monitoring experience. We offer the latest innovations in alarm technology to meet ever-increasing expectations from our growing monitored customer base. Our annual inspection and listing by Underwriters Laboratories is concrete evidence that your trust in us is justified.

Integrity: Our commitment to professionalism and to our core philosophy of “When Seconds Count and Quality Matters” is undeniable. We believe in fairness and open & honest communication in all of our daily business practices.

Benevolence: Our longtime subscribers have come to know that when interacting with one of our team members, be they a 24-hour operator, an expert service technician, or someone in our accounting department, our concern and care is genuine and sincere. After all, the customer is why we are in business!